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  • Wyborowa Vodka

    Wyborowa Vodka


    Wyborowa®, a daring spirit distilled to the highest level of purity, is exported from Poland, a land rich in vodka tradition and craftsmanship. The brand was created in 1927 and it quickly became the pride of Poland thanks to the successful integration of heritage and the latest in distillation techniques. Made from local rye grain, […]

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  • Absentroux


    Herbal Wine Specialty

    Absentroux™, an herbal wine specialty, is sublime on its own and exceptional in your favorite libation. Absentroux, is produced in Forcalquier, France using ancestral maceration techniques to blend the allure of wormwood and other distinct botanicals bringing your pallet the essence of Absinthe with the softness of a wine. The first of its kind, showcasing a […]

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  • M.P. Roux’s Supreme Absinthe

    M.P. Roux’s Supreme Absinthe


    New and novel, a limited-time luxury, Supreme Absinthe is exclusively produced in small batches, and each bottle is individually numbered for the true absinthe connoisseur. Crafted with a creative blend of rare botanicals and spices, Supreme Absinthe is double-distilled, creating the purest absinthe experience for lovers of this one-of-a-kind drink. Drink with joy. ABSINTHE FRIEND […]

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  • Absinthe Ordinaire

    Absinthe Ordinaire


    There is nothing ordinary about Absinthe Ordinaire.  Named after the creator of the first absinthe recipe, Dr. Pierre Ordinaire, this legendary drink recalls one of the most original and successful absinthe recipes from its heyday in Paris. Made from natural, traditional absinthe botanicals that provide an extraordinary taste experience, Absinthe Ordinaire is still distilled using […]

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  • Winoranje



    Winoranje is a traditional fruit and herb infused wine that emulates the bright and exuberant flavor of Florida sunshine in each sip. This premium wine from Provence is highlighted by the warmth of oranges and light citrus accents, Winoranje is a complex apéritif that’s perfect over ice or in your favorite cocktail recipe. MORNING GLORY RECIPE 2 oz Winoranje […]

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  • RinQuinQuin



    RinQuinQuin (“ran-can-CAN”) is a light, traditional peach apéritif wine that stimulates the senses and is appreciated throughout France as the perfect way to begin a meal.  RinQuinQuin is the ideal marriage of gently infused regional sweet peaches, dried peach pits, white wine, the essential oil of citrus and sugar to create a delectably smooth and […]

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  • H.B. Pastis

    H.B. Pastis


    Fine and balanced, H.B. Pastis is distilled from a recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation.  Using the experience and dedication gained over centuries, the experts at Distilleries et Domaines pay careful attention to the smallest detail to achieve the harmonious blend of flavors that separates Henri Bardouin Pastis from all others. […]

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  • Absente Absinthe Refined

    Absente Absinthe Refined


    Absente is responsible for welcoming absinthe back into the United States after a nearly 100-year ban. The stuff of legends, Absente is handcrafted in the south of France with the highest quality artisanal ingredients – anise and star anise, peppermint and the notorious wormwood – and methods to create the “green fairy.” Delightful in so […]

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  • Grande Absente Absinthe Originale

    Grande Absente Absinthe Originale


    The grand marshal and grand-dame of the green movement, Grande Absente Absinthe Originale has inspired art, passion and an appreciation for all things green. Handcrafted in France and made from the finest spirits and select botanicals, Grande Absente is a rich, lively and seductive absinthe. Fall under the spell of this divine drink and join the […]

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  • Opal Bianca

    Opal Bianca


    A new favorite in the U.S. market, where it was introduced in 2001, Opal Bianca, the white Sambuca, is the light to the dark of Opal Nera. Created from all-natural ingredients, Opal Bianca opens with a sweet taste and finishes with velvety flavors, a delicious hybrid of star and green anise, elderflowers, a rare variety […]

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  • Opal Nera

    Opal Nera


    The original black Sambuca, Opal Nera was originally launched Down Under, where it won back-to-back Australian “Product of the Year” awards before venturing to other continents. The perfect blend of distilled ingredients including green and star anise, elderflowers and elderberries, coriander and lemon peel, Opal Nera is always prepared from scratch using only the freshest […]

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  • Absente La Créme

    Absente La Créme


    Rich and captivating, velvety and enveloping, Absente La Crème is the newest innovation in absinthe and enjoyment. The perfect union of absinthe and cream, Absente La Crème is one of a kind, a true original in the alluring world of absinthe. Infusing the traditional flavor profile of wormwood with subtle hints of lemon and mint, […]

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  • Magellan Blue Gin

    Magellan Blue Gin


    Named after Ferdinand de Magellan, known for his adventurous spirit, Magellan Blue Gin was created especially for true-blue gin lovers. Colored by the iris flower and crafted with the flavors of cloves, juniper berries, cinnamon, orange peel, nutmeg and a few secret ingredients, Magellan Blue Gin will brighten your blues and enliven your favorite cocktail. […]

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  • Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve, aged 15 years

    Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve, aged 15 years


    Truly the rum of connoisseurs, Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve, available only in limited quantities, is an institution among discerning rum lovers. Rich and refined, Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve explodes with the flavors of citrus, cinnamon and pepper. Previously reserved for the Banbancourt Family, Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve now thrills the palates of rum connoisseurs from […]

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  • Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star, aged 8 years

    Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star, aged 8 years


    The perfect balance of flavor and finish, Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star or “Reserve Speciale” is aged eight years to perfection.  This powerful, smooth rum speaks for itself with its bold tones and complex flavor, including fruit, vanilla and pepper. Absolutely perfect on the rocks with a splash of lemon, Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star is a […]

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  • Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star, aged 4 years

    Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star, aged 4 years


    Smooth with hints of spice, Rhum Barbancourt 3 Star is aged four years to create its distinctive light taste and appeal.  Ideal for cocktails, this delicate rum offers a soft touch and a smooth finish. A regal pale gold in color with hints of brightness that will put a twinkle in your eye, Rhum Barbancourt […]

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  • Rhum Barbancourt White

    Rhum Barbancourt White


    Versatile, vivid and vibrant, Rhum Barbancourt’s White Rhum shares its sweet flavors of banana, mango, nougat and spice in every sip.  This award-winning mixer will enhance and enliven your favorite cocktail. The perfect complement to a variety of fresh flavors and mixes, White Rhum is young and fruity, lively and fun – a clear winner […]

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  • Pango Rhum

    Pango Rhum


    Simply put, Pango Rhum is an aged dark rum hand blended with natural mango, pineapple and a secret spice! The result is refreshingly smooth rum bursting with flavor. Pango Rhum is a one-of-a-kind flavored aged dark rum from the makers of Rhum Barbancourt.  It can be consumed on the rocks but it shows all its form in your favorite […]

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  • Belle Paire

    Belle Paire


    Belle Paire, is an exceptional one-of-a kind pear liqueur distilled in Provence, marrying fine French Cognac and Poire Williams.  Experience the exceptional blend of “les Hautes Alpes” pears, picked at the height of ripeness and Cognac from the “Fins Bois” region as you would any fine cognac.   If you prefer something a tad lighter, […]

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  • Farigoule



    Farigoule Thyme Liqueur, is derived from flavorful herbs and spices such as Thyme, Vervain, Angelica, and Sage, producing an extraordinary liqueur. Farigoule can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or after a satisfying meal as a digestif.  It can also be used to make sorbets or flavorful sauces. THYME IN A GLASS: 1 oz Magllan Gin […]

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[PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY. May 2, 2019] — Crillon Importers LTD., deeply mourns the loss of Michel P. Roux, influential Chairman and CEO who passed suddenly in his Florida residence Tuesday evening. “The entire Crillon family has suffered a tremendous loss with the passing of Michel Roux. The entire industry has lost an icon. Michel can […]

Rhum Barbancourt is one of Haiti’s finest exports. After much anticipation, the Cuvée 150 Ans Limited Edition of this rich, oh-so-smooth liquor hits the shelves in select markets across the United States. This show-stopping edition was first released in December 2012, at the Royal Oasis Hotel in Pétion-Ville, for Rhum Barbancourt’s 150th anniversary. Many gathered […]

When one SOBEWFF comes to an end, what do we do next? Start dreaming of another! Here at Rhum Barbancourt, we love to share our passion for full-bodied flavors. The food, the wine, the spirits: What’s not to love? Outstanding events and killer company make for an amazing time. The 2015 Miami festival was held […]

There’s rum, and there’s Haitian rum. There are festivals and there is the South Beach Food and Wine Festival, one of South Florida’s grandest celebrations. Rhum Barbancourt is gearing up for this year’s participation in the Grand Tasting Village, Best of The Munchies, and Cigars and Spirits. The festival features world-renowned chefs, culinary experts, and […]

Available in July in select markets, and coined “Wybo” in the states, the vodka is produced with pure rye grain exclusively from Poland, earning the esteemed Polish Vodka Seal. Wybo, created in 1927, is currently sold in more than 80 countries worldwide, and touts more than 20 international awards in addition to winning a Gold Medal […]

Key West is always a frolicking good time; what’s not to love when your days are spent swimming, snorkeling, and fishing, and your nights trolling the bars and other oddities of Duval Street — all without driving anywhere? Again this year, Key West is kicking the party up a notch with the Fifth Annual Key […]

Rhum Barbancourt, the rhum of connoisseurs, will seek to “tame the hurricane” in the upcoming Tales of the Cocktail competition and festival. The Taming the Hurricane cocktail competition celebrates the hurricane, a New Orleans original that is now a staple in bars around the world. In addition, Rhum Barbancourt will also participate in the B.Y.O.B. […]

From late-night parties to brunch, and from intimate dinners to family events, this year’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival (SOBEWFF), presented by FOOD & WINE, offers something for everyone. In particular, it offers something extra special for rhum lovers: Rhum Barbancourt, the rhum of connoisseurs, as well as the return of the Coco Pango cocktail.   From […]


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