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When one SOBEWFF comes to an end, what do we do next? Start dreaming of another! Here at Rhum Barbancourt, we love to share our passion for full-bodied flavors. The food, the wine, the spirits: What’s not to love?

Outstanding events and killer company make for an amazing time. The 2015 Miami festival was held February 19-22 in stunning, sexy South Beach, and even in its 14th year, this celebration showed no signs of slowing down. If you haven’t heard about SOBEWFF, you haven’t been living the South Beach lifestyle.

We’re proud to be part of the SOBEWFF celebrations, ready and eager to showcase some dazzling rum collections. Hailing from Haiti, our Rhum Barbancourt is made from 100 percent sugar cane juice for an out-of-this-world flavor. Add in oak barrels for aging and double distillation, and you’ve got distinction in every sip.

At SOBEWFF, our rum was a hot product for connoisseurs and new tasters alike. How about mixing Rhum Barbancourt White Rhum with horchata and a slice of lime? Or if you lean towards the aged varieties, consider adding Rhum Barbancourt 5 Star to Peychaud bitters and vanilla pepper syrup. Rum enthusiasts jumped at the chance to sample one of our new cocktails. From Cesar’s Punch made with 3 Star to Creole Old Fashioned made with 5 Star, Rhum Barbancourt came out on top every time.

Guests of the Grand Tasting Village event, held Friday through Sunday along 13th Street and Ocean Drive, let out a roar of approval for Rhum Barbancourt and Thierry Gardère. Our cocktails, like Pango Smoke and Blanco Y Picante, went down smooth and easy.

We joined SOBEWFF guests on Feb. 20 to sip a new cocktail atop the Betsy Hotel. A Friday night South Beach skyline was a sight to behold. The Cigars & Spirits event featured the outstanding Creole Old Fashioned cocktail as well as our star, the 15-year Estate Reserve. This creative concoction is a must try! Cigars and appetizers completed the set.

The Best of the Munchies event closed the festival on Sunday, and it featured culinary experts and celebrities who chose nominees for top foods, restaurants, bars, and other foodie favorites. We were on hand to celebrate outstanding cocktail bars that carry our finest Rhum Barbancourt selections. Our brand owner, Thierry Gardère, joined the celebrations at all three events, and he thoroughly enjoyed the sights, sounds, and exquisite tastes of SOBEWFF 2015.

Throughout SOBEWFF, there were many local restaurants and bars with devoted Rhum Barbancourt followings. Special thanks to Elad Zvi, Gabriel Orta and Damon Roseberry from Broken Shaker, Robert J. Ferrara from Lure Fishbar, Eddie Fuentes from 27, and Josh Gonzales and Ashley Danella from Rum Line. The Regent Cocktail Club created some outstanding Manhattans, while Tap Tap and Oolite Restaurants served up some fantastic dinner selections.

We’re already anticipating next year’s rum-tastic SOBEWFF in Miami. Enjoy some fine drinks, and we’ll see you in 2016, South Beach style!